Dec 1, 2015

College President Tells Cry-Baby Students To Grow Up

Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan Univ.
Dr. Everett Piper (Twitter)
December 1, 2015 - In the wake of numerous incidents of college students (young adults) demonstrating their politically correct insanity, it is refreshing to see a college president tell them to grow a spine.

In fact, Piper calls the actions of those students "ideological fascism." It is, unfortunately, nothing new for the Left to ban speech that offends them -- and it's not limited to the "Millennial" generation -- but lately it's gone beyond goofiness to full-fledged insanity. Witness the recent stompy-foot whining from students at Yale and the University of Missouri. Even Bill Maher has spoken out against the PC madness (watch below), and Barack Obama.

Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, recently published an open letter to the student body in the OKWU News website. Piper's post was in response to a complaint from a student who said he felt “victimized” by a sermon. In his response to the student, Piper pulled no punches in saying that "Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a 'safe place', but rather, a place to learn." Piper also said that "If you want the chaplain to tell you you’re a victim rather than tell you that you need virtue, this may not be the university you’re looking for."

Dr. Piper's entire post follows. Also listen to an interview of Dr. Piper on SoundCloud.

This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!
Dr. Everett Piper, President

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love. In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

I’m not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic. Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims. Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

I have a message for this young man and all others who care to listen. That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to a sermon is called a conscience. An altar call is supposed to make you feel bad. It is supposed to make you feel guilty. The goal of many a good sermon is to get you to confess your sins—not coddle you in your selfishness. The primary objective of the Church and the Christian faith is your confession, not your self-actualization.

So here’s my advice:

If you want the chaplain to tell you you’re a victim rather than tell you that you need virtue, this may not be the university you’re looking for. If you want to complain about a sermon that makes you feel less than loving for not showing love, this might be the wrong place.

If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.

At OKWU, we teach you to be selfless rather than self-centered. We are more interested in you practicing personal forgiveness than political revenge. We want you to model interpersonal reconciliation rather than foment personal conflict. We believe the content of your character is more important than the color of your skin. We don’t believe that you have been victimized every time you feel guilty and we don’t issue “trigger warnings” before altar calls.

Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a “safe place”, but rather, a place to learn: to learn that life isn’t about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent of everything that’s wrong with you rather than blame others for everything that’s wrong with them. This is a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up.

This is not a day care. This is a university!

If only academia had more men like Everett Piper and fewer effete, spineless politically correct elitists, we'd be in better shape as a nation.

WATCH: Bill Maher talks about the overly politically correct response to Halloween:

WATCH: Barack Obama talks about free speech and differing opinions on campus:

Nov 26, 2015

Target Store Trolled by Fake Black Friday Ads Deals

November 26, 2015 - Offline trolling? That's what one prankster did to Target recently with printed fake ads for fake (and very funny) Black Friday deals.

"Target has been totally played by an offline troll," reports AdWeek. "Jeff Wysaski, a comedian known for his work on Pleated Jeans and Obvious Plant, this week put his design skills to work and created a slew of Black Friday fliers, placing the poster-style ads at a local Target. (It's unclear which location had the honor of housing Wysaski's handiwork.)"

Fake Star Wars Toys at Target by Jeff Wysaski
Exclusive (fake) Star Wars toys!
View all of Wysaski's fake Target fliers at the Obvious Plant Tumblr blog.

More of his wackiness can be seen at his Pleated Jeans Twitter feed and at the Obvious Plant page at Facebook.

My favorite faux Target item has got to be the "Chewbacca toilet scrub brush." The brushy part of the item looks like the Star Wars character Chewbacca. It's one of three items on a full page of "exclusive Star Wars toys," and the scrub brush promises to "trick the kids into doing their chores!"

But there's the falcon, which I also love. No, not the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars, an actual real falcon. A bird, not a space ship. An actual spoof-by-troll falcon, actually, that Wysaski said would be given away free on Friday only to shoppers who spend $75 or more.

Wysaski posted his fake adverts next to real Target fliers on a poster board in the store. I don't know how long they stayed up, but I'd be willing to bet that none of the employees noticed for quite a while. After all, the best fake looks real, and Wysaski's work is tops.

Aug 25, 2015

Trump Deports Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos From Press Conference

August 25, 2015 - Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was kicked out of Donald Trump's press conference in Iowa this evening (video below). Ramos just would not shut up, and persisted on asking a long drawn out question even though Trump had called on another reporter to ask a question. Ramos was clearly out of order deliberately disruptive.

Univision anchor kicked out of Trump press conference
The moment of ejection!
The Washington Post reports this:

"Two minutes into Donald Trump's news conference here Tuesday night came the question he tried to silence.

"Mr. Trump, I have a question," said Jorge Ramos, the top news anchor at Univision and one of the country's most recognizable Mexican-Americans, as he stood up in the front row of journalists.

"Excuse me," the Republican presidential front-runner told Ramos. "Sit down. You weren't called. Sit down."  Ramos, holding a piece of paper, calmly tried to ask Trump about his plan to combat illegal immigration. "I'm a reporter, an immigrant, a senior citizen," he said. "I have the right to ask a question."

Trump was having none of it, however, and motioned for a bodyguard to eject him. However, just a few minutes later, Ramos was allowed back into the conference and to ask questions.

Aug 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Emailgate Becomes Nixonesque

Nixon and Hillary by Tricky Dick, Icky Hill
Image Credit: Tricky Dick, Icky Hill
August 17, 2015 - The Hillary Clinton email poop gets deeper. 
Major news media are reporting today that at least 300 emails, sent through then-Sec. of State Clinton's personal server, could contain many more sensitive items than previously acknowledged.

"The State Department said in a court filing on Monday," reports the Wall Street Journal today, "that reviews from five intelligence agencies had so far identified 305 emails—or about 5% of the emails reviewed so far—for further review and consultation into whether they contain classified material. In all, the department is combing through about 30,000 emails turned over by Mrs. Clinton."

Aug 11, 2015


August 11, 2015 - For months, Hillary Clinton has insisted there were no classified State Department emails on her own email server. But the FBI now says at least four "classified" emails have been found on that server, and at least two are highly sensitive and classified as "Top Secret." Was she lying? Or is she simply incompetent?

Hillary Clinton said no sensitive information was contained in any of the emails she sent during her tenure as Secretary of State. "I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email," she said at a news conference on March 10, 2015 at the United Nations. "I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material."

But, apparently, H. Clinton was not aware of how materials passing through her server were classified. If so, that indicates gross ignorance or callous disregard for protocol and security. Or, perhaps, she's just stupid.


On the evening of August 11, reports National Journal, "Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released a memo from McCullough that adds new detail to the previous finding by the intelligence IG and the State Department IG that at least four of Clinton's emails contained classified information."